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The Raven

Ravens are considered powerful teachers of mysteries and ask us to consider the truth and inner wisdom we each hold. The Raven teaches us magic and reveals the magic within. Not hocus pocus magic, but how the energy of our will can be used to shape and create the environment around us.

Animal Totems

The animal kingdom has provided guidance to indigenous cultures for thousands of years.  They serve as Spirit’s guidance for us. This knowledge is handed down through the generations, and is as powerful today as it was a thousand years ago.  The animals, and their traits and behaviors, have a lot to teach us about ourselves and how we interact with each other.  Animal spirits surrounding an individual are personal totems that have something to give or teach.  Having the understanding of the animal’s characteristics can help us lead fuller lives with more balance.

Spirit Totem Portraits

An excellent way to learn about your animal spirit totems is to have a portrait done by Sioux Storm.  Your portrait is unique because it is about your personal totems and because it is about where you are on your life path at that time.  The totems come through to tell you why you do what you do.  Your portrait serves as a unique map that shows where the animal spirits are so you can work with the energies in power, or change energies that do not serve.

And Sioux’s spirit totem portraits are beautiful! You will treasure your portrait for your lifetime.



The Experience

To begin the Spirit Totem Portrait experience, Sioux intuitively sees and paints the animals that appear to assist you.  As she connects and paints, Sioux reflects and records “the authentic you” in the portrait.  Portrait clients often feel a deep sense of relaxation and a shift in their thought processes and mood.  As an energetic healer and teacher, Sioux creates a space where the client can let go of energies that no longer serve and experience a sense of well-being and calm.

The Lesson

Once your portrait is done, Sioux gives a reading about your animal totems and their characteristics.  When you can see all aspects of the animal, you can gain better perspective about yourself.  The portrait is a personal tool that will speak to you and provide positive, healthy guidance.

Portraits for Children, Couples, and Multi-Generational Families

While it is optimal to have a Spirit Totem Portrait painted in person, Sioux can create a portrait from a photograph.

Children’s Spirit Totems

Having a Spirit Totem Portrait of your child can be invaluable.  The portrait – and the  animals that appear for the child – can provide valuable insight into your child’s personality.  This helps you, as a parent, support your child’s growth and potential.

Couples Portraits

A couples Spirit Totem Portrait shows individual personalities, and how the couple can acknowledge and honor those traits and work with them to make the relationship stronger.  Sometimes animal totems appear showing aspects that create conflict in the relationship.  Knowing about these aspects provides the opportunity to heal and grow individually and as a partnership.

Multi-Generational Family Totem Portraits

The family Spirit Totem Portrait is powerful and significant.  The animal totems that appear for the family members show the traits inherited in the lineage. The heirloom traits can be passed down and devitalizing traits can be eliminated or minimized through seven generations future and past.  Having a multi-generational portrait done may possibly be the most loving thing you do for your family during your lifetime.

**All family member portrait participants must be alive. 

Life Event Portraits

Consider having a Spirit Totem Portrait done at significant life events or every few years.  The totem animals will shift and change because you have changed through life experience.  The totem animals are always with you – different animals work in your life at different times depending on what you need.

Working With Your Totems

Sioux is available to provide more detailed information about the animals in your portrait so you can continue to learn and work with them in your life. Sessions can be scheduled individually or taught in a classroom setting.

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