Schedule 2017


7,8,9th First Star Expo- Click Here for coupon)

Booth 218

Exhibition Place – Queen Elizabeth Building

180 Princes’ Blvd. Toronto, On. Canada

10th Traveling thru the Dimensions Class
13th Private Sessions
14th, 2:00am Cherry Blossom Healing Circle 
          7:00pm Fuji Healing Circle 
15th, 2:00pm Light Energy Weave.




May – Asia Tour


Soul Pulling 6 May 2017, Saturday, Time: 4pm – 5.30pm

Miracles Day 7 May 2017, Sunday Time: 3pm – 6pm

The Mayan Initiations 8 – 9 July 2017, Time 10am – 5pm

Private Sessions & Totem Portraits 

For Full info and to register, click here 


Soul Pulling 10 May 2017, Wednesday Time: 8pm – 9.30pm SCWO 96 Waterloo St, Singapore 187967

Miracles Day 14 May 2017, Sunday Time 3pm – 6 pm YMCA, One Orchard Road, Singapore 238824

Animal Totem Language Wheel 15 & 16 July 2017

For Full info and to register, click here

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