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Quickening Foundation Class


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The Quickening
Sunday, Sept. 7th, 2014
2:30pm – 9:00pm

The Quickening is a Unique Multidimensional: Accelerated Conscious Evolution System. The Quickening provides the foundation and navigational guidance system for your whole self to be present and participate in life. Whether wishing to change careers, break unhealthy patterns, or experience a greater level of clarity, peace, joy and fulfillment, The Quickening allows you to call in these changes faster, easier and more powerfully than you may have ever before experienced. The Quickening clears out negative and destructive influences in addition to realigning and restoring your subtle bodies, multi-dimensional fields, vital boundaries, and both major and minor chakras. It additionally seeds new chakra systems and can be used to retrieve and reintegrate lost aspects of your soul, realign and strengthen your alignment with present time consciousness, and accelerate the possessing and integration of your shadow aspects.

The Foundation

The Foundation joins the three primary aspects of the Quickening healing sessions into a singular, comprehensive class for self-realization. These transformational protocols allow you to change and chose core concepts and belief systems that bring into effect desired elements of your life that support your greatest growth. The Foundation opens with an Invocation that transmutes and upgrades your personal protocols. This Invocation, for example, will transmute an ancient protocol of martyrdom suffering inadvertently activated by our contemporary desire for self-mastery and enlightenment. It will then put in its place an upgraded evolutionary protocol that embodies light, ease, joy, clarity, connection to source, empowerment, love and grace. The Foundation begins by removing parasitic activity and restoring the health of your multidimensional field, timeline integrity and alignment with source. It then activates and installs mechanisms to upgrade, maintain and protect your sacred space and boundaries, thus preventing future parasitic violations and interference. In a manner of speaking, it cleans and charges your multidimensional “Immune System”. Additionally, The Foundation works to reveal, transmute and remove any other interfering energy or pattern that obstruct or alter your experience and connection to Source. Once your field has been cleared and the proper hygiene put in place, The Foundation initiates processes that allow you to consciously connect with your Higher Self. This not only clears the way for you to fully integrate and utilize the work and learnings from your life to date, it also prepares you to accelerate the integration and application of information activated in this class and any future initiations. The Foundation then installs six Angelic Templates. Templates hold all universal data on a particular subject, particularly in regards to the human experience. This provides us with our own personal, infinite library on the subject at our command, supported by Angelic Guidance to help us safely access vital data. Like an encyclopedia, akin to a personal set of “Akashic Records”, they offer healthy and complete references accessible on these six aspects of our interrelationship with living and creation, facilitating a direct connection to source. The six Templates installed during this program are Love, Trust, Boundaries, Attachment Transmutation, Cording Transmutation and the Psychic Body. Each Template has an additional Foundation processes and teachings designed to empower you in a tangible and profound way that accelerates your growth. A loving, nurturing, and supportive system, The Foundation downloads, restores and activates the Angelic Template Library to fully align and make accessible the disciplined, divine wisdom and guidance to reshape your life. These templates assist in moving through soul lessons and karma more fully and quickly to free you from constraining beliefs and patterns ever being repeated.


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