Animal Totem Wheel Class


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Spirit Animal Totem Language Wheel

Indigenous peoples have understood and drawn on the power of animals from all over the world. For 1000’s of years they have looked to the lessons of these animals to guide them. Through this non-linear grid system, joined with the energy of light, you will:

  • -Transform energy to consciously create what you desire in your life.
  • -Learn animal totems and both the profound wisdom and insight they hold.
  • Discover the meaning of colors and the significance of pairing them with these ancient energies.
  • And receive 4 initiations to support you in activating your power within.

In this truly unique class learn to shape wheels for your personal and professional development, to set sacred space and clear intentions for spaces, and to manifest chosen outcomes for both yourself and to support others in positive change. Draw on this intuitive and powerful tool to begin uncovering which totems to call on, when, and how, by learning to write the language of the totem animal wheel.

Manual Included.


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