Energy Healing

In a session with Sioux, you are benefiting from over 20 years of experience from multiple modalities as a direct descendant of the Lakota and Onondaga Native American Lineage and a Master Teacher from the Mayan Lineage. Sioux has a unique ability to reach deep into a person’s heart and soul to bring out insights that allow for shifts, transformation and healing to occur. Sioux works to heal root causes in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual dis-ease allowing increased in clarity, opportunities and connections that are often instantaneous. Here are some examples of what Sioux can work with you on: physical diseases & challenges like tumours, cancer, back issues, allergies etc as well as mental conditions like bipolar, multiple personalities, emotional setbacks, stubborn patterns, cash blockages and more.

Totem Portraits

We all have prominent Animal Guides that work with us through our journey in life. Getting connected to them brings us great guidance of our capabilities, gifts and tools as well as understanding ourselves better. Once Sioux finishes with your watercolour painting, she will begin to discuss the personal message in your portrait. Portrait clients often express a deep sense of relaxation and a shift in their thought process and mood throughout the session. She will give insights and discuss the new possibilities on the horizon your animal spirit guides are pointing to. A great tool for anyone to discover more about themselves and work with their guides, for parents, it’s a tool to understand and discover your child’s gifts and potentials, for couples a fascinated look at the similarities and diversities that gives greater insights on your life.

Light Language Grids

A Light language Grid is made up of sacred geometric shapes and colors. Through the language of light we create unique and precise energy constellations that influence the way your energy interacts with the world and your reality. These grids can then be set up to heal and transform any area of life, be it financial situations, physical issues, emotional, mental or spiritual and to co-create new opportunities. You can choose to create a Personal grids composed of 7 coloured forms or a 49 Shaped Grid for mid to long term manifestations that will bring in much light and support to your life for healing and manifestations. Grids can be for Cash, Inner Peace, Sleep, Mate, Love, projects, businesses and more. Light language is one of the most powerful tools to become a conscious co-Creator of your life. It can be done in person or long distance.

DNA Healing

DNA Healing works deep within your cells that holds certain physical or energetic traits that has been passed down through your genetic line or picked up from your environment. DNA Healing works to create energy grids that assist in removing unhealthy traits that is not serving you or your bloodline. You can choose to insert positive traits that creates fast and easy shifts in your DNA. Work on physical issues, mental issues, emotional, spiritual or material. DNA is powerful and works in your entire genetic line, when you create a DNA Map for yourself, 1/32 of your blood line benefits.

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