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Meet Your Guides.

An excellent way to learn about your animal spirit totems is to have your portrait painted by Sioux Storm. Animal traits and behaviors have a lot to teach us about ourselves and how we interact with one another. Indigenous cultures honored our connection to animals for thousands of years. They understood Spirit’s guidance often shows up in the form of animals. Animals appear in our day to day lives and in our visions and dreams. Although we might be more in tune with our smart-phones and gadgets than ravens and turtles —the animal spirit realm remains as real and powerful today as it was a thousand years ago.

Creating Your Spirit Totem Portrait
Sioux creates portraits in person or through a long distance connection with you or a loved one utilizing a photograph or personalized Skype session. To begin the Spirit Totem Portrait experience, Sioux sees and paints the animals that are around you.

The Reading
Once your portrait is complete, Sioux will begin to discuss the personal message in your portrait. Portrait clients often express a deep sense of relaxation and a shift in their thought process and mood throughout the session. As an energetic healer and teacher, Sioux is passionate about helping you to let go of the energies that no longer serve you, and to discuss the new possibilities on the horizon your animal spirit guides are pointing to.

Spirit Animal Totem Portraits by Sioux: Portraits for Adults, Children, Couples, and Multi-Generational Families

Animal traits and behaviors have a lot to teach us about ourselves and how we interact with one another.

Painting a Spirit Totem Portrait of your child is a delightful process. Animal spirit guides can provide valuable insight into your child’s personality, supporting your child’s growth and potential.

When a couple can acknowledge the energies present in each other, they can begin to honor those traits and make the relationship stronger.

The animal totems that appear for different family members show us the personality traits, hopes and dreams and conflicts passed down through our family tree. We can go beyond the restrictions of time. Devitalizing traits can be eliminated or minimized through healing prayers that mend us seven generations into the future and the past. Having a multi-generational portrait done is one of the most loving things you can do for your family during your lifetime.

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