This year, Master Teacher Sioux Storm brings a new array of teachings to Malaysia.

Known for her ability to bring about great shifts and deep transformation,

you will gain new tools, insights, take action and Thrive! 

Soul Pulling |  6 May 2017, Saturday, Time: 4pm – 5.30pm          

Soul Pulling is a unique technique for bringing back aspects of your Soul that has been lost or stuck during traumatic experiences, unexpected crisis or past relationships from this lifetime and past lifetimes. This healing technique will help you gain back aspects of yourself so you can feel whole and connected within and be able to bring in new energies and manifest new aspects in your life. You will receive the initiation to be able to do this for someone else and feel completely renewed in the process.

 Investment: RM83

The Mayan Initiations | 8 -9 July 2017

During the time that Starr spent with Esperanza, she was given many initiations in the Mayan spiritual lineage so that she could pass them on to others. And now today, Sioux has been given these initiations to pass on to you. In this workshop, you will receive 4 different initiations from God of Medicine and Good Health, God of Rain and Lightning, Goddess of Medicine also know as Lady Rainbow and Goddess of Fertility, Beauty, Love and Truth. In these 2 Days, you will receive healing, work on your organs’ health, shift from stuckness or rigidity, move into greater alignment with your true essence and more. A practical class, these initiations once received will allow you to perform them on others.

Investment: RM1460

Divine Intervention | 3 – 16 June 2017

Divine Intervention is one of the finest life transforming programs that you can attend. Look forward to deep personal healing and transformations in this 2 weeks retreat as well as be given sacred teachings liken to a doctorate level in the healing arts to support yourself and others.


Miracles Day | 7 May 2017, Sunday Time: 3-6pm

 Miracles Day is a workshop that offers you the opportunity to see and experience first hand that Nothing is Impossible!! Do you have issues with self-confidence, fear, procrastination, lack of courage, trouble speaking up or have limitations that is holding you back? This workshop will breakthrough your limitations and patterns that is holding you back. Miracles Day will change your perspective on how you view yourself and shift how you look at the world. It will assist you in making crucial first steps in taking action in your life. It will change the depth and scope of how you manifest your heart’s desire and bring those manifestations to life.

Investment: RM290

Private Sessions & Totem Portraits

19 – 21 May 2017

With over 20 years of experiences in the healing arts, Sioux offers a variety techniques for your healing and transformation. From improving physical health, removing blockages to your growth, curse removals and more. Sioux is also well know for her Animal Totem Portraits and reading to connect you deeper with your Animal Guides and how you can work with them in many areas of your life. Schedule 1 hour with Sioux or get your Totem Portrait done! RM1100 per hour & RM1550 for portraits | Venue: HeartWorks


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