This painting entitled “The Protector,” brings together two stories that have captured my imagination over the last few weeks. The first story is entitled “Indra’s Web,” or “Indra’s Net.” In Vedic scriptures, Indra’s net stretches out infinitely in all directions. At each woven juncture in the net there is a jewel. When looking deeply into the polished surface of the jewel, we see the reflection of all the other jewels in the net. This beautiful image of infinity and interconnectedness got me thinking about our collective consciousness, and the great psychic web that joins us all. I started thinking about the breaking and the mending of this psychic web—especially at night as we sleep—and remembered the story of the Owl, the great protector. Without realizing it, I had blended these two stories together. I have used sacred geometrical shapes at the intersection points in the web of the painting. These shapes, which contain the sacred energies of the universe, reflect back to us the sacred energies of all dimensions.

Acrylic on canvas :: 36 x 48 inches


In my painting “The Raven Brings the Light,” there are two different stories being played out within the painting. The first is a story about how the raven was humbled and turned from white to black.  The second is a Haida story about how light came into the world. In the Haida story, the raven steals the light from an old man who is keeping all of the light of the universe in a tiny box, and how the raven took the light into his beak and out into the world.

Acrylic on canvas :: 36 x 48 inches


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