Divine Intervention is one of the finest life transforming programs that you can attend.

Look forward to deep personal healing and transformations in this 2 weeks retreat as well as be given sacred teachings liken to a doctorate level in the healing arts to support yourself and others.

Divine Intervention (DI) is an ancient Shamanic Healing Technique passed down through an unbroken lineage of master healers from Mexico and South America. It is the manipulation of energy throughout the physical and etheric bodies by calling in source to intervene on behalf of the healee.

From a spiritual perspective, Divine Intervention is one of the most sacred prayers known. From an Energetic perspective it is a powerful way to harness and direct electrical and magnetic energy in all levels of the physical and etheric bodies. Through DI we can isolate what is devitalizing to the body. In DI, one calls upon precise dimensions and frequencies when calling on the Divine to intercede.


The results can be seen in both the physical manifestation of the body and the spontaneous remission observed while the healee experiences harmony and balance. The healee has an opportunity to experience the core issue of the illness and resolve why the dis-ease manifested in the first place—the original cause of dis-ease. This process of self-realization is facilitated with outer guidance. Developing our capacity to provide this outer guidance for others is at the core of what we will be focusing on in our classes and exercises together.

The ancients took a lifetime to learn these teachings. We now live in a world that vibrates at an ever higher and faster rate. These teachings will be relayed in a two-week intensive. I look forward to welcoming you to this life changing class.



Throughout the years, people who attended Divine Intervention have rave reviews about it, here is out top picks on how you will benefit from the class.

1. Transform Your Life

Sioux’s ability to go deep within each student in DI allows her to awaken your highest potential within and bring those qualities out. Many have experience profound shifts in both on the personal level as well as their professional life. Jump many levels in all areas of your life and be transformed.

2. Renew Your Health

What would you give to have a tool to be able to use on yourself and your family whenever challenges arise? From broken bones, cancer, to the common cold; in these 2 weeks you will heal not only aspects of your own health, you will also receive the ability to maintain your health and that of others.

3. Move Beyond Limitations

Ever have the feeling of being held back? What would happen to you when these blocks or restrictions whether self imposed or buried in your subconscious gets removed? You will be FREE! Improve Your Cash, Relationships, Career and more. Anything can be possible.

4. Develop a Deeper Connection

Learn new ways of connecting deeply to yourself, discovering who you are and how you can connect deeply to the people that you love. Connect to the community and feel supported by fellow practitioners and teachers and connect to Source on a higher level.

5. Accelerate Your Healing Practice

This is the considered one of the Doctorate level programs one can take in your healing career. Whether you are just starting out or as a developed practitioner, if you are looking to make a difference in people’s lives, be of service to the community and make a profitable living out of it, this class is for you!

Here’s what you will experience when taking Divine Intervention 


  • Daily Instruction & Multiple Initiations
  • Accessing and Understanding Higher Dimensions & Frequencies
  • Divine Intervention & Spontaneous Remission of Dis-ease
  • Over 20 Healing Processes
  • Miracles Day-Breaking Through Your Fears
  • Soul Retrieval Breath of God Technique Psychoma—Trance Healing Mastery in Grounding & Energetic Hygiene
  • Energy Anatomy & Original Cause of Dis-ease
  • Creating and Maintaining Sacred Space
  • Long Distance Healing Techniques
  • Hands on Practise
  • Exploring & Clearing Core Issues
  • Deep Emotional Transformation
  • Spiritual Ethics & Client Protocols
  • Universal Laws
  • Service
  • Building Your Healing Practice
  • Daily meditation and Yoga practise
  • Shared Lodging at a Retreat Center for the Duration of the Class
  • Energizing exercises and group activities
  • Energetically Prepared Meals (Vegetarian Meals & Non-Vegetarian options)
  • Ministry Ordination & Certificate (upon successful completion)
  • Surprises!

1933401_4416688428476_598523387_oEveryday during this program you will:

  • Release your personal limitations
  • Remove your masks
  • Practice an awakened lifestyle
  • Work with and within the various dimensions
  • Raise your vibrations
  • Get closer to yourself
  • Improve your ability to handle life situations
  • Increase your connection to nature and Source
  • Become more ALIVE!



Here’s what some of her students and peers have to say

Sioux Storm is a powerful channel for healing and light. Her natural psychic gifts, combined with her deep connection to all our relations,
bring forth readings filled with insight and greater clarity.  Her matter-of-fact approach to healing brings even the most complex healing
processes into a state of greater ease and fluidity. Get ready for powerful aha’s!

Selena Rodriguez

Master Teacher

Divine Intervention as a course study exceeded my expectations on many levels. I jumped into the class in Vermont last fall without a good understanding of what I was about to experience. However, upon meeting Sioux Storm at a festival and through sitting with her for a totem portrait, I knew immediately that it was important to spend time learning with her. What happened next was extraordinary. Sioux inspired, encouraged and challenged me to look beyond the physical dimension and trust in that which I have always known, yet never seen. Divine Intervention with Sioux Storm has changed the way I see everything and has added dimensions to my healing practice. Bae Parker

Acupuncturist, USA

Have YOU ever wondered, “Why am I here? How can I have a deeper connection to my Spiritual Life? What can I do to make Earth better for others?”

God answered me with the Most AWE Inspiring Experiences I ever IMAGINED!! What is AWE, you wonder??? “Awe is the feeling of being in the presence of something so vast or beyond human scale, that transcends our current understanding of things. To me, that’s Divine Intervention! To experience the Connection with Divine Energy is indescribable. Witnessing Miracles are what I felt. After I returned home from Sioux Storm’s DI Class, in Liberty Hill, TX, in 4/2010, my husband recognized such a glow in me, he registered for Sioux’s next class. We live connected to God everyday, in financial freedom, blessed with good health, joyful living and giving back to Earth

Ale' Kann

Healer, USA

DI provided the time and space for me really look and listen to how I suppress and deny my truth and decisions. Some work takes more than a couple days to get the “gift” of my unwinding. Don’t judge it, don’t take it personally, stay in present time. These are the few of many gifts still unfolding 4 years later Douglas Large

Shaman, USA

In DI with Sioux Storm, I felt both embraced and pushed with love. I felt that Sioux both saw me as I am and in my potential, her grounded love and tremendous support to grow and expand. I felt my connection to Source and earth expanded tremendously and become vitalized. Experiencing DI brought tremendous personal healing and new powerful ways to be a conduit for healing and expanded light Catherine Wohlleben

Academic Teacher, USA

Come 2017, Divine Intervention will be conducted in 2 Great Locations: the first in Asia where many have been waiting for, and the second in the grand Appalachian Mountains. Come Join us in this once in a lifetime retreat!

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