Come To The Mountains....

The Appalachian Mountains of Tennessee are waiting for you.
Come experience Divine Intervention in the Appalachian Mountains. These mountains hold the energy for healing on many different levels as you grow and learn the healing of the Mayans.
In these two weeks, you will get to enjoy the fresh mountain air and take in the fall colors. We will be taking time to experience nature around us during these two weeks. Helping us reconnect to our environment , ourselves, and create a community.


Find out if Divine Intervention is a course for you!

From now until 30 December 2016, Sioux is offering selected students who are interested to take on Divine Intervention a 20 Min Check In to see if this course is for you and if so, to assist you in manifesting the time and cash to come to this class.
Sioux believes that all her students who has made a commitment to come to class always makes it.  If your challenge is in the funds for the class, speak to her and she will assist you in manifesting this class. When you take on this challenge you will see your cash grow as well!
Schedule your non obligatory session with Sioux today by writing in to 

Special Guest Teacher:

Selena Rodriguez is a master at facilitating profound shifts in both individuals and groups. Her 21 years of experience working with ancient lineage teachings from around the world, combined with her deep connection to parallel universes, angelic realms, and the spaces between the worlds, result in astounding inner and outer transformation.

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