Original Cause of Dis-Ease

What Matters Becomes Matter.
(an online class)

The Original Cause of Dis-ease is the place where negative thoughts become matter. This is the place where harmful ideas, beliefs, or concepts have been planted, much like seeds in a garden. By focusing on these negative seeds, we fuel and cultivate them into a dis-ease state. What matters, becomes matter.  An example might be that if your doctor tells you that because your mother had cancer, and her mother had cancer, you are likely to have cancer.  Acting as a seed, if focused on and believed in, it will be fostered, growing to become matter (e.g., cancer) in your body.  In this introductory Original Cause of Dis-ease class we will learn how to delve into your physical ailments to the root of their corresponding core, limiting beliefs. We will work towards healing the physical, emotional and spiritual wounds caused by a garden of negative seeds.


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