Sioux Storm is a Visionary Artist, Healer, and Shamanic Teacher.Sioux has a unique ability to reach deep into a person’s heart and soul to bring out insights that allow for shifts and healing to occur. When working with Sioux you will benefit from the wisdom of powerful spiritual lineages combined with modern psychological perspectives. Utilizing an art therapy method in conjunction with Native spiritual teachings, Sioux supports her clients in a sacred space to harness their personal power, attain new perspectives, and gain tools needed for immediate transformation.

Sioux is a direct descendant of the Lakota and Onondaga Native American Lineage and began formal spiritual training at the age of 16. Fuelled by her passion in healing and art, Sioux pursued a Degree in Psychology from the State University of New York at Buffalo with a minor in Art Education and training in Art Therapy. She continued her studies in Commercial Design at Colorado Institute of Art. She then went on to master numerous skill sets with master teachers throughout the world and gained much experience in advertising industry and ran her own businesses.

Participants describe Sioux’s sessions and classes as transformative.Sioux works to heal root causes in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual dis-ease allowing increased in clarity, opportunities and connections that are often instantaneous. Much loved by her students, Sioux imparts her wisdom in a clear, loving, manner. Sioux creates sacred space that facilitates deep integration and transformation, allowing for the cultivation of self-awareness and self-love.

Sioux Storm’s deep sense of love and compassion coupled with her psychic abilities facilitate metamorphosis in individuals actively seeking to create change, find purpose in their lives, and step fully into their power.

Sioux connects to the world of guides as if it were home! She brings depth and wisdom to her work. Her ability to perceive what is going on in the spiritual realm is excellent. I highly recommend Sioux.

Starr Fuentes

Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive

Sioux Storm is a powerful channel for healing and light. Her natural psychic gifts, combined with her deep connection to all our relations, bring forth readings filled with insight and greater clarity. Her matter-of-fact approach to healing brings even the most complex healing processes into a state of greater ease and fluidity. Get ready for powerful aha’s!

Selena Rodriguez

Master Teacher

James Uqualla

Teacher of Native American Spirituality

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