Sioux Storm

Shamanic Teacher, Healer & Visionary Artist

Sioux Storm is a teacher, healer and visionary artist.

 Welcome ::  Advocating self-mastery, visionary healer and teacher Sioux Storm accompanies her students on the path of self-awareness and self-love — to step into our full power – believing that by knowing ourselves we can heal, and begin to heal others.

With a background in psychology and art, Sioux is a “seer” into the patterns and beliefs that we allow to limit us. Through totem portraits, one on one sessions, and shamanic teachings, she offers the healing, clarity and insight to choose what we want for ourselves. A visionary artist and master teacher of Divine Intervention, sacred geometry and additional shamanic wisdoms, Sioux follows in the footsteps of her teacher Starr Fuentes.


Empower Your Life with Sioux Storm


Sioux teaches Worldwide, find a course nearest to you.

Private Sessions

Work with Sioux one-on-one to empower your life!

Totem Portraits

Meet your Animal Guides through the highly sought after Animal Totem Portraits

What People Say About Sioux

Sioux connects to the world of guides as if it were home! She brings depth and wisdom to her work. Her ability to perceive what is going on in the spiritual realm is excellent. I highly recommend Sioux.

Starr Fuentes

Master Healer, Spiritual Teacher, Intuitive

Sioux Storm is a powerful channel for healing and light. Her natural psychic gifts, combined with her deep connection to all our relations, bring forth readings filled with insight and greater clarity. Her matter-of-fact approach to healing brings even the most complex healing processes into a state of greater ease and fluidity. Get ready for powerful aha’s!

Selena Rodriguez

Master Teacher

In my Divine Intervention experience, Sioux is prolific and skilled teacher in this transformative portal of time and dimensions! Sioux has taken ancient teachings through a heart felt sieve to create pure essence of teaching flow to completely birth transformation on all she has contact with! Take the time to listen and gift yourself the opportunity to grow spiritually. Sioux thank you for your leadership.

James Uqualla

Teacher of Native American Spirituality

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